Good Motherboard for Gaming, That You Should Know Before Buying a PC

Good Motherboard for Gaming

Indeed PC is an impressive machine, if you understand how to assemble a correctly PC, you can maximize your PC performance. For example, if you want to use your PC for rendering 3D activities then you can optimize your RAM, VGA, and Processor components.

If you want to use for gaming, there are many aspects you can consider such as VGA, RAM, Processor, HDD, and Motherboard. Is important to know the type of motherboard for gaming. Because the motherboard is the most important component in PC itself.

Explanation of the Components You Need to Know

Before you buy a brand new part PC for gaming or want to upgrade your PC, I will explain about the PC components themselves.

Good Motherboard for Gaming

The motherboard is the most crucial on your Computer. The motherboard is a part that brings together all important parts of all other components. It is important to know the latest information from the component its self because its role of motherboard brings all together parts, it could be the most recent components can not be used for your PC.


Is The Brain from your PC its self. Without the processor then there will be no computer. The function of the processor is to perform calculations and perform commands on other components on the PC. A good processor will support other roles, let’s just say the processor is the road and other devices are vehicles, want as good as any your vehicle, will not be maximal if the path is undertaken damaged or it will make your car goes slow.

VGA or Graphics Card

The components that determine the quality of your PC graphics. VGA is the aspect that makes PC builder think hard to choose. But VGA can be said to be necessary support for PC, and this aspect will never end if you are never satisfied.


Abbreviation Random Access Memory the next most important component of your PC device. RAM serves as a temporary data storage (not permanent like a hard drive). Serves as memory access reminder what we use, so if we want to repeat the process of your work, your PC does not repeat all the commands from the beginning.

Storage (HDD or SSD)

Components that are not considered essential for the PC builder, because its function is to store data. The use of the hard drive is enough to think about the age of your storage. Of course, you do not want your critical data to be erased right.

That’s a glimpse of the PC crunch you need to know before assembling a PC. And I will explain about build of Motherboard classes For Gaming.

PC With Low-End Type

Low-End models have lower prices than current modern game consoles such as PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, but this type can still play new games, but with common settings. This type has a raft price of approximately 400 Usd. Usually, the seller specifications suppress the price of processor and VGA.

PC With Mid-End Type

Mid-End Type can play a new game with above average setting. With this setting, you can already try 1080p graphics resolution at 40 fps. The price offered is usually around 700$.

PC With High-End Type

High-End type is intended for maximum performance maniac PC. With High-End settings you can play games with 1920 × 1080 resolution at 60 fps, graphical display, of course, maximal (right flat). The price offered is usually around 900-1200 Usd.

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